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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric. dan is off. >> i'm amma. we begin with the apology from gold medalist ryan lochte 24 hours after brazilian authorities release
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surveillance video a different scene said first happened. >> michael phelps back in the u.s. and was asked did lochte and the scandal and whether lochte will emerge unscathed. here's matt from rio. >>reporter: the olympian so used to chomping gold, tonight fighting the bullet. issuing an apology for not being more careful and candid in how i described the event the early morning. when the security video shows him and 3 other swimmers romping through a gas station ripping down signage and police say being belligerent. the worst police have said and u.s. olympic committee agreed lying about the facts. broadcast on nbc. >> the guys me out with a badge. police badge. no light no. nothing. just police badge. they pulled us over. the guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it. put it to my forehead and said get down and i was up i put my hands up i was like whatever. >>reporter: but in fact lochte
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and three other swimmers, gunner, jack, and jimmy weren't victims. they were vandals and could be charged with providing false testimony. the news prompting headlines like the ugly american and liar liar speedo on fire. here you see them being confronted by gas station attendant. they appear to pick some items up and once the swimmer find the kara security guard blocks them from leaving. eventually hold them by brandishing a gun say police until they pay for the damages. police said they paid about 50 dollars. lochte lawyers insist they were ex torted for about 400 dollar dollars. there's much on the line for him. lochte the second most decorated american olympian of all time rose to fame during the last summer games in 2012. since then he's had a reality show. my philosophy real simple go big or good home. >>reporter: endorsement deal with speed 0and lauren worth estimated 1 million dollars. when asked if he could emerge from the scandal his friend
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michael phelps telling report earth's we have good people taking care of it so hopefully. lochte was back in the u.s. but his three friends remain maroon here. after 24 hours in which they were pulled off flight. 5 hours in police station. passports confiscated then taken back to the airport for another flight to the u.s. seen here settling in the back of the plane. brazil authorities say that they paid the charity and he's now free to leave brazil. this doesn't mean that 4 swimmers are out of the woods. international and the u.s. olympic committee have both said they are going to investigate the incident. matt, abc news rio. >> back in the bay area. berkeley police looking for the suspect in the city first homicide of the year. officers found the victim near mabel and burnett street at around midnight died later at the hospital. investigators say the shooting does not appear to be random. victim's identity not released. woman hit by a fallen tree
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limb probably never walk again. she was city at washington square park week ago when the large branch fell crushing her. for the first time we hear from her family about how their lives have changed. we have the story. >> i was so shocked and i don't think anything would happen to my family. >>reporter: he's still processing everything his wife is going through right now. >> the police told me that my wife dropped, got hit by big branch. >>reporter: 36-year-old the woman was here in the park watching her two daughters play. when a large 100 pound tree branch fell and landed on her head. she was rushed to the hospital where she's undergone multiple surgeries. >> they told me, show me the picture of the back bone. they are like split in half. i was so scared. >>reporter: he says his wife is in a lot of pain right now. >> she very painful right now.
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still after the surgery and the doctor have to give a lot of medication, pain killer. >>reporter: recovery is going to be long and difficult. >> she is thought going to walk and probably i don't know have to go to rehab for a long long time. >>reporter: medical bills are mounting. he says his wife took care of everything at home while he worked. several non-profit are offering the familyg#!-ñ help. long here is one of them. >> accidents happen every day and we serve 600 family every day. >> as for this man he says his family is forever changed. >> i not slope at nighttime. woke up and think about things. >>reporter: memory too painful to return to park they once enjoyed. in san francisco, abc 7 news. the woman accused of cyberstalking chris jenner and kardashian family appeared in court today. federal agent arrested 3
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36-year-old christina bank at parent home yesterday. she's charged with 15 counts including cyberstalking, identity theft and cyberextortion. melanie was in court today and spoke with the suspect's father afterward. it. >>reporter: federal agents storm the new york home to arrest christina banks. >> i said man. >>reporter: 36-year-old nursing assistant is charged in a 15 count indictment. it alleges cyberstalked reality tv star kris jenner members of the family and two assistants over 6 month period. family member shared this video clip of her on roller coaster >>reporter: the father says she began stalking people as a young girl. >> 11 or 12 years old. but it was by phone. as she got older and got a computer then it was by
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computer. >>reporter: indictment alleges she threatened to go public with six tape sexting jenner. i said let's stalk. hacked into jenner he maechl mail and said she was sick with cancer. behavior her father says he's all too familiar with. >> now all the people calling us on the cell phone saying we were murdered. who put that out? they said christina put it out. >>reporter: the father says she is not a violent person. >> she need medical help. >>reporter: the case being moved to los angeles. one of the bail conditions is that she not make contact with any of the victims or members
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in san jose. valley transportation authority discovered damage to overhead electrical line late thursday night and shut service down. crews had estimated repair will be done by this afternoon. they announce the agency will be working well into the overnight hours to get it complete. bus bridge is in effect for the rock and winchester lines. this weekend mark the third shut down of bart service between glen park and daly city. agency is performing critical maintenance on the tracks between the stations. this is video of the work provided by bart. >> free bus bridge being provided to these passengers too to yet them through the closure. bart warns the bus bridge could add 60 minutes to the trip added. continuing maintenance work scheduled for 4 more weekends. naked statue of presidential nominee trump disappeared from san francisco castro district. city employee removed it at 2:30 this morning. baker was shared this video of us. officials became concerned when huge crowds gather around the statue installed without a permanent. statue currently being held as evidence because of that permit issue and some minor damage to the plaza. now the owner of the restaurant near union square wants to put the trump statue on display. >> the statue represents also semi-one naked and afraid just found him in the middle of the castro and now we are taking
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him in to show what makes america greatest not hate but love and compassion. >>reporter: activist group in decline arrange for the statue to appear here in l.a. new york, seattle, cleveland yesterday morning. we have much more ahead for you on this friday night. come up. wildfires ravaging southern california. this is time lapse video of the blue cut fire nearly 1600 firefighters battling this blaze. we have update on the efforts. also. where there's fire, there's smoke. and you could see it in the skies today. 7 news weather anchor spencer christian is here with the weather. spencer. >>reporter: yes. we have a smokey haze over the bay area right now but item dissipating over the weekend. cleaner air on the way. forecast coming up.17lc plus the extreme measures firefighters use to rescue both driver and his dog. 7 news at 9:00 wil
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. new developments in the explosive wildfire in southern california. blue cut fire now 40 percent contained. but not before destroyed more than 300 homes and buildings. lauren has more. >>reporter: new images tonight of this train passing perilously close to the blaze. this massive california wildfire now leavingd nç behinda trail of destruction. the blue cut fire burning 40
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miles east ofless ang decimated 57 square miles of land and 96 homes. her husband snapped these photo moments before they fled with their dogs and buildings else. what+  is that like to leave feeling like you are going to lose everything? >> i felt numb and just i didn't know what, >>reporter: rescuers sent this picture of her home. now reduced to ash. the 11 animals gone. she was reluctant to share the terrible news with her 10-year-old grand-daughter. >> she keeps telling us she's up beat and hopefully the hamster stlil but we know it's not because there's nothing left. >>reporter: tom that was lauren reporting. update on other fires burning in california. the chimneyé fire burning near the lake in san luis obispo county 12,000 acres now. containment remains at 33 percent. total of 45 buildings including 4 homes have been destroyed. the monterey couldn't fire
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started 4 week ago today and still only 60 percent containe contained. it's burned more than 81,000 acres and destroyed 57 homes. and bulldozer operator fighting the fire lost his life. lower lake resident can now go home. evacuation orders were lifted short time ago. clayton fire destroyed 300 structures. almost two-thirds are homes. suspected arsonist under arrest for starting that fire last saturday. until all 6 wildfires burning in california right now and smoke from three of them is drifting into the bay area. in contra costa county the fire department tweeted that people should only call 911 if they see flames, not just smoke. the we have more. >>reporter: the sky is hazy. smells like smoke and the air quality has eyes watering and people sneezing but there's no fire burning around here. so what is going on? >> the wind specifically has been drawing smoke into this area from some of the other fires in the state. most of this smoke is likely
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from the fire down in monterey county. >>reporter: smoke from other wildfires now lingers inhe bay area prompting a spare the air alert. our tower cam are shoue show the thick haze obstructing view of landmarks. she has family in town and wanted to show them the iconic san francisco sky line. >> we went up on the oakland hills just to the see the san francisco view couldn't see much because we are so hazy. >> given how big the fires ar i guess it makes sense. >>reporter: heather farm park in walnut creek, nancy play was her 3 boys but the smokey air make the outing a little difficult. >> more congestion. probably a little more sneezin sneezing. it's just a little more uncomfortable generally speaking. >>reporter: firefighters say people with respiratory problems should stay inside and avoid doing anything too active. so will the smoke from
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those fires continue to drift into the bay area over this weekend? >> spencer is here with the late owner that for us. >>reporter: okay. that smoke is still drifting into the bay area. quite visible in the sky today and causing respiratory difficulty for some people. here's live doppler 7hd so we have low cloud near the coast and bay right now. and of course that haze overhead from the three fires mentioned to our south still billowing smoke or smoke still billowing out of the fires and ews is that we havetion but the increasing wind here in the bay area which will mix out some of the smoke going into the weekend and give us cleaner ai air. right now we look at live view from the roof top camera. looking out over the embarcadero and partly cloudy skies under the bay. currently 59 at san francisco. oakland 61. mountain view 64. 66 agree ins san jose. 63 morgan hill and a half moon bay check in at 57 degrees. this is a nice view from the emeryville camera looking west ward across the bay and out towards san francisco and currently 59 degree ins santa rosa. napa 63.
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59 petaluma and fairfield 65. 68 at concord and 67 in livermore. this is the view from the south beach camera looking along the bay bridge. look like traffic is flowing freely tonight. these are our forecast feature and early morning clouds. spotty drizzle. air quality slowly improves over the weekend and we have graduate cooling into the beginning of next week. now overnight look for lure mainly in the mid to upper 50's so pretty mild overnight. the there will be lots of fog as the marine layer expand across the bay and inland. here's look at our animation showing the expanse of the marine layer across the bay over into the inland east bay. even some fog will develop over in sacramento valley as well. 7:00 o'clock the in the morning wide spread low clouds and fog and visibility reduced but midday) clouds pull back to the coast line and mainly sunny sky over the bay and inland. upper 70's to low 80's around 81 at san jose. peninsula. mainly mid+ upper 70's about 76
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redwood city and 77 palo alto 0and coast 59 and 68 half machine bay and downtown san francisco high of 64 degrees to. north bay we see high mainly in the upper 70's. 79 at santa rosa. 77 petaluma and napa east bay highest bayshore line i should say 70 atw oakland. 71 san leandro. 76 at fremont then the inland east bay we see mainly mid upper 80's up to almost 90 at antioch and about 91 at brentwood. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. so we have a mild pattern next couple days and of course the haze will gradually go away. much cleaner air blue sky by monday and lower temperatures as high well below afternoon on monday but stealy inch up at bit to average seasonal level on wednesday. we have inland high in the low 90's mid 70's around the bay and only about 58 on the coast and the temperatures drop-off again toward the end of next weekend and by next friday feel like almost like fall. >> spencer thank you very much.
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still to come on 7 news at 9:00. lemur checking out new dig. 9:00. lemur checking out new dig. why they might want
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firefighters in the central valley rescued both the driver and his dog from a bad car accident. battalion chief with the fresno fire department posted these photo on facebook showing the rescue after a car and train collided. the driver was rush to the hospital then firefighters heard a whim perfect. turned out to be the man's dog. they found little dog trapped underneath the seat and used the jaw of life to get him out. and here he is now. little zeus recovering. owner was unconscious during the rescue and had no idea what
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happened until he woke up in the hospital and was told his dog was okay. san francisco zoo opened a new exhibit today but first it took certain precautions. we were at the zoo primate center and lemur check out nut habitat from the start they show the tremendous leaping ability. they can jump 30 feet. because of that the zoo couldn't put them in with the other lemurs so they built the special enclosure for them. they show off the funny walk. >> they will walk here or bounce. it's very kind of comical but it's very, very graceful. >>reporter: the lemur are nature i have to madagascar. san francisco becomes only the tenth zoo to have them. the two are expected to breed so may be expecting to see a baby lemur in a few years. another 30 minute of abc 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. donald trump takes aim at president obama asking why he's golfing instead of visiting the disaster in the south. also there are new fear
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today as the zika virus spread in florida. the new travel warning and pregnant woman who still there's work in the area despite the risk. plus 66 million years old. it was discovered right here in the u.s. another half hour of 7 news at the u.s. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 up
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we begin had half hour with donald trump visit to louisiana which came just as the public was learning of another campaign management shakenñ up. >> trump campaign ceo is off the job. here's more. >>reporter: trump force 1. touching down in louisiana today. the candidate taking his campaign to the disaster zone. >> you will be fine.
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>>reporter: trump and mike pence touring baton rouge. signing autograph and shaking hands. >> we love you. >>reporter: but louisiana democratic governor john edward wasn't notified of the trip. s his spokesman saying we welcome him to louisiana but not for a photo op. the governor concern? high profile visitors drain law enforcement resources. he suggested trump volunteer or donate money instead. trump trip coming amid a major campaign reset and just hours after that comment. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that.
9:30 pm
many and believe it or not, i regret it. and i do regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >>reporter: for some one who never says i'm sorry, the moment taking many by surprise. david asking trump new campaign manager about the change in tone. >> donald trump saying diary great it particularly where it may have caused personal pain. what was he talking about? >> he was talking about any one who feels offended by anything he said and that's all him. he took extra time yesterday going over that speech with a pen so that was a decision he made. those are his words. >>reporter: trump campaign thrown off course after he attack the gold star parents of captain kahn who died fighting in iraq. will he reach out to that family personallyla. >> he may but i certainly hope they heard him last night and i certainly hope america heard him. >>reporter: you are a couple day in as new campaign manager. what he said about the couple
9:31 pm
was weeks ago. why the regret now. some people say was that you. >> it was not me. that's all donald trump. he's the candidate here i'm not. >>reporter: why regret now. >> perhaps he felt it before but he expressed it now. >>reporter: here in louisiana i asked trump to clarify. >> i really enjoyed that speech. i think people enjoyed it very much. >>reporter: inspecting a damage school. late this afternoon trump taking a shot at president obama vacationing in march that vineyard. >> honestly? obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. >>reporter: today the white house announcing the president will visit baton rouge tuesday. trump now dealing with yet another campaign shake up. campaign chairman paul resig resigning. already side lined by staff changes and plagued by stories about his consulting work for politician in ukraine with close tie to russia. >> didn't want to have the
9:32 pm
distraction looming. over the campaign. >>reporter: donald trump visit to louisiana today and president obama next week, the focus is on helping the thousands of people in the flood zone. philip shows us what they are going through. >> in the denim spring we find him rescuing flag at the vfw post. >> we have them all laid out trying dry them. >>reporter: we know she spotted donald trump motorcade. >> that must be him in the fwlabing car. >>reporter: she had to laugh. >> that's unnecessary. that's just publicity. >>reporter: as she memory of homes and hearts are guttedism it was like a white water rapid going through here. >>reporter: karl stewart junior home once belonged to his grand parents. >> got shook up. whole life is ruined. >>reporter: karl's sister tamara helping him today. so many more. she's taking 20 people in to her home so far. >> we take care of our people.
9:33 pm
we all take care of each other. >>reporter: that was philip reporting. in syria u.s. military reporting close encounter between forces. jets bombing position deep in syria northeast region when two syrian aircraft drop bomb in area where u.s. special force were helping occurred forces by isis. fighter jet scramble to protect our force and passed a message through the russian that they would take whatever action necessary to defend u.s. live lives. syrian jet were gone before the u.s. jets arrived. cdc issued a travel warning today to miami south beach neighborhood following the confirmation of zika transmissions there. florida governor says 5 zika infection linked to the popular tourist location. cases are outside the win wood area where officials believe most local transmissions are happening. miami radio reporter sammy mack lives and works just south of the area and she's three months pregnant. we spoke with her by skype about what that is like for he
9:34 pm
her. >> definitely moments where it is a little overwhelming to think that there is this sort of mysterious thing that arrived on our door step i may have been exposed to. i do find comfort in risk ratio. i'm a health reporter so the more information i can get about how this thing is transmitted for the most part, the better i feel. >>reporter: mack had a zika test week ago today and expects to get the results next week. in the mean time she's loading up on the mosquitos repellant and prevention pack handed out by health officials. newoll suggest californians strongly support legalized marijuana and tighter gun control measures. uc berkeley institute of governmental studies asked about two prop on the ballot. 82 percent polled favoredg4 prop 63. if approved it requires background check to buy ammo, ban large magazine and keep felon and domestic abusers from buying gun. prop 64 would realize tax
9:35 pm
recreation marijuana for people 21 and over. 60 percent those polled support jit facebook trying again to win over teenagers from snap chat. menlo park company just launched stand alone app for high schoolers and this one was actually created by a teenager called life stage. the app uses a series of selfie where users show off the faces. users can also record video to show off washington they like and dislike and who their friends, pets, boyfriend's and girlfriends are. facebook ceo zuckerberg sold some of his stock. it's the first transfer into his fill tlop ick initial. >> he an his wife pledgeed to give away 99 percent of thalth when they made the pledge last december the stock was worth 45 billion. since then the stock gained more than 15 percent. coming up next on 7 news at 9:00.
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tomorrow permanent tribute to the one who stole our hearts. man who left his heart in san the one who stole our hearts. man who left his heart in san francisco
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♪music the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit
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lots of excitement and enthusiasim today in san francisco's china town. hundreds of people waited for hours at 3 day kanye west pop up store. items were pricey and customers couldn't try most of them on. still, many came out spending hundreds of dollars. there was a big fan fare today for the unveiling of statue to sell brit tony bennett 90th birthday. vic lee has a look at the bennett 90th birthday. vic lee has a look at the statue and the celebration
9:40 pm
tony bennett first sang the song at the fairmont in 1961. so fitting to have his likeness here. >> to officially is declare today august 19, 2016 tony bennett day in san francisco t. [applause]. >>reporter: typical summer day in the city but as the song goes the fog may chill the air but we don't care. hundreds line up to see the public unveiling of the 8 foot bron statue of tony bennett. which stood behind the blue curtain. >> i saw him. even signed my bag. >>reporter: today. >> yes. >>reporter: singer was at this student why for three days. >> mr. bennett is fantastic. what is not to like. did he sing for me. no.
9:41 pm
>>reporter: chief of protocol schultz reminded us that the singer was always here when we needed help. >> brought back the cable car he was here. when we wanted to tell people that after earthquake we didn't fall in the ocean, he was here. >>reporter: former mayor brown praiseas simple. >> tony is adopted son e-finally unveiling. birthday president for the singer who turned 90 and for once everyone sang for him, a present. [applause]. >> overwhelm. it's beautiful. greatest day i have ever experienced. >>reporter: we all left our hearts here today. vic lee, abc 7 news. how nice. >> it was indeed. next on 7 news at 9:00. incredible orca encounter.
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put on a show for some boaters pwhaw was that he tossed into put on a show for some boaters pwhaw was that he tossed into the air.
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rare discovery made in the u.s. team found this during a recent dig in montana. it's the massive skull of a t rex weighing in at nearly 2500 pounds. they believe the fossil is 66 million years old. skull taken to seattle to be on display at the burke museum. astronauts install new door on the international space station. one of the crew doing the work was napa own kate reuben who graduated from vintage high
9:46 pm
school where today current students looked up to her in more ways than one t.laura anthony has the story. >> it's phenomenal. >> this is not just any astronaut out for a space walk. it's napa own kate reuben who took her first space stroll 250 miles from earth. >> now a view from the helmet camera of kate rubens. >>reporter: advance science students at reuben alma mater vintage high. >> that's really, really cool for the small town she came from her and she got pulled out of a pool of 3500 people. it was amazing. >> i keep telling them kate reuben was in this room at some time in her life and it's so neat where she has come from and make it feel like it's possible for them. >>reporter: kathleen she was known then was the editor of the school paper in the mid 90's. and the stand out student but then teach ter now principal pierson admits he didn't see
9:47 pm
this coming. >> just shows you you can accomplish any dream. set your mind to it do anything out there. >>reporter: earlier this month she talked to us by satellite from the space station. >> when i was a kid ever since i can remember i had a list of career goals and astronaut was one of them. >>reporter: she and fellow astronaut williams successfully installed a new docking port on the space station which some day could be used by commercial spacecraft. once she returns to earth in october, reuben plans to visit the students at vin tan high in person. in napa, laura anthony abc 7 news. downtown san jose hard to miss 125 feet tall tent covers the size of a football field. starting september 14 the team that put on this will stage a new theater experience called this and mix of acts and acrobatic, art technology and advanced engi(ñering. it provided this video and tent located next to highway 87 next
9:48 pm
to&o julianne street. >> over turn this weep)t and soulój oakland with music food and art. today cooks fired up the grills. they will cook the meat overnight for one of the tastiest part of art and soul. oak town throw down pit the best smokers and grillers against each other. it runs from noon to 6 saturday and sunday. look like a good time. >> smells like6e georgia time. hazeb out there nothing to do with barbecue. here's the weather. >>reporter: that's for sure. haze still in the air over the area. air quality will be improving over the weekend. here's live doppler 7hd. we have the marine layer beginning to push from the coast locally across the bay inland tomorrow. state wide it's painly sunny and interior sections of the state and warm. high of 97 at chick o. 100 at fresno. 79 down south los angeles and here in the bay area the low clouds pull back to the coast
9:49 pm
line midday mainly sunny sky and warm conditions inland with high in the mid upper 80's. 70's right around the bay and high up to 60 on the coast. and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. so we see high next couple days. 90 degree and warmest inland spots and haze with us tomorro tomorrow. blue sky on sunday and blue still on monday with a bit of a pwreechltz temperatures drop below afternoon. high in the mid 80's inland monday and high warming up inland by midweek to seasonal level around 92 midf+ 70's around the bay and upper 50's on the coast. temperatures start to decline again by the end of next week it's almost as cool as fall. >> thank you so much spencer. tourist were treated to stunning performance by orca on a boat trip around the islands in he can washington doyvrment what is so incredible was that the orca tossed a turtle up into the air you can see it in the video provided by the expedition company. it
9:50 pm
happened in orca feeding area. they don't eat turtle it's lik likely was just playing with the unsuspecting animal. >> poor turtle. like i don't deserve this. >> what did i do. we have a preview of sports. >>reporter: boy. all right. a s's kick started with the white sox. set the table for 2 hit shut out from kendall and highlights set the table for 2 hit shut out from kendall and highlights coming
9:51 pm
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:00. husband and who were supposed to be looking after an elderly woman. instead>] san mateo county authorities say they covered her with a pillow, tied her up and ransacked her home. >> big money pokemon prize bringing out more than 1,000 people to0@ san francisco this weekend. join us for 7 news at 11:00 weekend. join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 right now shoe is here with a look at sports. giane in the7 standings. second in thepx national league west.
9:54 pm
the lead with win over the mets. celebrating 90th birthday to singer tiny bennett. born in the same year t.2nd inning anderson crush this is to cove. 25th of the year. new york takes a 1 nothing lead but the first career s u for the mets. gave up just two runs first coming in the third when he hits on the base hit. tie the game at one. lugo was pulled in the seventh for jerry and information a's gave up the this to a pinch hitter. next batter. the third hit of the game bring ins panic again. 3-1 giant. right now that's the score in the eighth. complete highlights at 11ñ! over on abc 7. >> a's again 3 game set in chicago facing white sox. third f.tied for third in the major.
9:55 pm
2 run shot off shieldings. 3 nothing a's. deep twice more in the fifth. steven and they both take shields home run derby day in chicago. they combine for 6 of the éz 9 runs which was plenty of execution on for starter who went the distance striking out fight 98 pitch on the way to complete game shut out. ground out to gun the game. win big the final here. raiders broke camp on tuesday then face off against the packers and green bay last night losing twel 2012. silver and back will win the afc west but get the run game going could be a long season for car. 38 yards through the air but only pre-season. head coach says it was more than just a score at the end. >> for us it's really more about conditioning. health of the team.
9:56 pm
we always prefer to win anything we compete in. >> at the end of the difficult we have to get work in. we are getting a good amount of work in. prepare our football team for the upcoming season. >> we don't get a chance and help our on team like. that tell just want to compete and try to see who we are. >> 49ers the entire off season built around a quarterback competition between blaine and cap. he's running out of time missing second straight game with a sore throwing shoulder. take advantage of the rest of the offense. he's excited to face defending world champion broncos tomorrow night. >> they are a quality team. just the type of players they have. the way they play the gameth she play the scheme extremely well. helps the young guys elevate the level of play. rise to the occasion. come up here and compete in the
9:57 pm
best we did that pretty well the last two days. >> college football is upon us and will kick off around the country on espn. down under facing hawaii and sidney. australia. and senior travis web came over from texas tech. he's familiar with the australia but item a great beyonding experience for the entire gallon. >> great trip for our guys. they really have an opportunity to spend a lot of time with each other and quen have an opportunity to bond and unique experiences and unique circumstances. that's always really important especially for young football team. >> get to industrial and understand we are going through brand new call tour or cuisine. food. brand new environment but also to win a football game, represent cal to the best of our ability and be great off as on.
9:58 pm
>> we were 0stuck on a plane for 60 hours and how our team reacts to them feeling uneasy on the plane for us. >> being in australia doing team activity together just being around hanging out all the time in a different place. it's a lot of fun. >>reporter: tom the run at history here started on the back 9. 6 birdie then at 5. is set the pga record with a 5 58. kim had a previous record with birdie on 9 and it won't again. 10 under 60 going in for the weekend. 7 sport report brought to you by toyota. what a great trip for the cal bears. down under to start the season against this great experience for the entire roster. >> definitely thank you so much shoe. >> long time to talk football. 16 hours. >> for shoes spencer thanks for watching.
9:59 pm
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